Grande Prairie & District SPCA
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About Us
Camp Many Paws registration is now open! Please visit our facebook page for more details.

Photo: Does your child want to know more about animals? Camp Many Paws registration is now open!!! We are offering 3 separate summer day camps for grades 2-7. Activities include guest speakers, games, crafts, pet projects and more! Register early as space is limited. For more details call 538-4030 ext 124 or email Jessika at 
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  From Grande Prairie
  1.    follow 100ave towards the airpor
  2.    turn right at 120St Peavey Mart intersection
  3.    turn left 101 Ave (immediately)
  4.    follow around bend ro right
  5.    turn right at 104 Ave (mustard building on right hand side)
  6.    arrive at SPCA on left hand side
  7.    enjoy :)
Grande Prairie & District SPCA is a not-for-profit, member-supported organization dedicated to promoting respect of, humane treatment for, and compassion towards animals.

We encourage the support and sponsorship of humane education programs aimed at developing more compassion, better understanding and a deeper appreciation of the diversity of animals in our world, and to advance community understanding of the need for animal protection and advocacy.

  • We seek safe, loving, life-long homes for our animals.
  • We address spay/neuter issues in partnership with local veterinarians.
  • We educate the public through a variety of venues. Topics include spaying & neutering, health and welfare, responsible pet ownership and the Bite Free Program.
The City and County Pound is attached to our building, and we are contracted to provide care for the impounded animals. Once an animal becomes property of our SPCA, it is assessed, spayed or neutered, and then placed up for adoption.