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Be a Tree Program

Highlights of the program

  • What does the SPCA stand for?
  • Why do dogs bite?
  • Body language of a dog
  • Stand like a tree/lie like a log
  • How to meet a dog

dog15Why this program is important

Dogs bite for many reasons. Aggression, fear, protective, dominance, age. These are just a few of the reasons. Children need to learn how to be aware of the safety around any dog whether it is a family pet or a lost, neglected stray.

This program is designed to teach children how to respect not only dogs, but each other as well. They learn that dogs have feelings and like themselves are not able to say how they feel, but with body language, they can show how they feel.

This program teaches children how to safely retreat from a potentially unsafe dog.

Children 10 years and younger are the most vulnerable to a dog bite and this is why this program is so very important to children in this age group.

Help your children get involved. Help them stay safe!


  • get your child's school involved
  • get your child's team or group involved
  • practice safety around all dogs!

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