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Foster Care Program

Do you love animals? Have you ever thought about becoming a foster parent for your local SPCA? If you have time, patience and tons of love, this might be the program for you!

Becoming Part of the GPSPCA Foster Care Program

Becoming a foster parent/family takes time, dedication, and love. All of our foster families share one common goal; They want to help the animals in their time of need and provide love and care.

The animal(s) could be in your care for as little as two weeks to several months depending on their needs. The daily care involves feeding, cleaning, TLC and sometimes medicating. Becoming a foster parent can be a very rewarding experience.

If you want to become a foster parent, we need you today!

What Is Involved

That We Need From You

  • Transportation of the animals when needed
  • Commitment
  • Ability to give medication (only if you are comfortable doing so)
  • Time, love, and care

What We Do For You

  • Provide all the needed supplies for the animal(s)
  • Any support when you need it
  • At anytime, you as a foster parent are able to return the animal to the GPSPCA

Steps To Become A Foster Parent/Family

  1. Drop by the GPSPCA and pick up a foster care application.
  2. Once your application is approved then we schedule a home visit, this allows us to get to know you and your family a little better and answer any further questions you may have.
  3. After the home visit is approved then we give you a call once we have an animal in need of foster care.

pdf Click here to download a Foster Care Application.pdf

If you are interested or would like more information on how to become a foster parent please contact our Foster Care Coordinator at 780-538-4030 ext 109 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.