Grande Prairie & District SPCA is currently seeking Volunteers to help with fundraising efforts.

If you want to be a part of getting GPSPCA's door re-opened so we can make a difference in the lives of the animals in our community, we NEED and WANT your help. If you volunteer weekly or only once or twice a year, we appreciate whatever spare time you are able to give!

Volunteering is great for people of all ages. It is an excellent opportunity to get work experience, socialize and meet new people while helping a worth while organization. May you be a college student, stay at home mom, semi-retired or retired person who wants to get out and about for a few hours a week, we need your expertise and your help. 

There Are Many Ways To Help

Working with the Grande Prairie & District SPCA animals is rewarding, but we are in desperate need for Volunteers to help in other ways. By volunteering for one of the following programs you can help us take care of our animals:

  • Animal Care- Help with laundry, kennel cleaning, dishes, grooming, and building & fence maintenance - not currently available
  • Foster Care- Provide care for animals as they wait for their forever homes by providing  a temporary home to a pet as they recover from health issues/injury, need socialization, or just need time to grow (puppies or kittens with or without mothers) - not currently available
  • Fundraising-  Help out at various events including: Annual Gala, Promotions, Independent Fundraisers, Golf Tournament, Bark In The Park, etc. 
  • Adoption Events- Take animals out to events to maximizing community exposure, increase their adoptability and educate public about volunteering and adopting - not currently available
  • Dog Walking- Take our guest dogs out for a walk - providing daily exercise and enrichment - not currently available
  • Animal Enrichment- Socialize animals here, inside their kennels or in our dog yards, train the dogs, exercise cats, read to the animals, sing to the animals, have coffee with a friend and just provide much needed attention, love and social interaction - not currently available
  • Vet Runs- Take animals that are in need of medical care to the vet clinics - not currently available
  • Multi Media-Photograph the animals that are available for adoption, IT Support
  • Administration- Help with the tasks up front such as: Data Entry, Receipt writing
  • Education- During the school calendar year, participate in monthly visits to GPRC were we provide stress relief therapy for the students staff, in educational events at schools, or by being a part of the Be A Tree Program. 
  • Medical- Volunteer your expertise as a Veterinary Technician or Veterinarian and help us save costs, treat our animals more effectively and provide more efficient and immediate care to animals in distress - not currently available
  • Committee & Fundraising Members
  • Administrative Office Support 
  • Board of Directors 


Please contact us at 780-538-4030 or email info@gpspca.com